The submarine area of the Vis Archipelago has always been exceptionally heterogenous with rich biodiversity. One of the most characteristic sea mammal species which inhabit the arhipelago is the bottlenose dolphin. The bottlenose dolphin population size estimates are the minimum of 250 mature adults, and the Vis archipelago is the area where bottlenose dolphin raise their young. Around the waters of Biševo and on the southwestern coast of the island of Vis there are as many as 181 macroalgae families, 2 species of seagrass, 269 of invertebrates, 347 of phytoplankton and 100 zooplankton families and 4 whale species. Alongside 114 fish species recorded in the wider area of the Vis archipelago, there is also the total of 1017 registered families. Na strmim morskim dnima Viškog arhipelaga, na mjestima sa smanjenom vidljivošću i jačim Along the steep underwater seabeds of the Vis archipelago, in places with poor visibility and stronger currents, a heterogenous coralligenous biocenosis has developed, with gorgonias, stony corals, bryozoans, lobsters, starfish and other numerous organisms taking up the surface of approximately 1210 ha.

Another characteristic of the Vis archipelago is the state of preservation of the highly commercially exploited and priced red coral (Corallium rubrum) at lesser depths than ordinarily,and the existence of black coral (Antipathes sp.), otherwise rare in the Adriatic, at greater depths.Coralligenous cliffs are part of the ecological network Natura 2000, and need to undergo further research and protection. Due to its widespread Posidonia meadows (Posidonia oceanica), some even as couple of hundred or thousands of years old, the area od the Vis archipelago is part of the ecological network Natura 2000. It has been estimated that the seagrass plant of Posidonia covers up to 1171 ha of the Vis archipelago seabed. Sea grass Posidonia oceanica is the most widespread and endemic sea grass in the Mediterranean.


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