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Vis walking tours
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Komiža, Riva Sv. Mikule 
Mob: 096 902 1237

Vis walking tours

Get to know the Island of Vis by walking through the streets of Vis and Komiža with professional guidance that will introduce you numerous interesting stories and millennial history of the island. Or hiking through beautiful landscapes, military forts, and beaches in seclusion. Taste the other dimension of the island, still wild and untouched.

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Komiža, Hrvatskih mučenika 2 
tel: 021 717 239
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Alternatura is the first tourist agency on the Island of Vis, offering adventure tourism to its guests. The agency's program is based on the interpretation of natural and cultural heritage. Alternatura's employee are locals, lovers of adventure tourism and nature lovers who share your passion with you. Their excursions and tours are designed to educate and fascinate guests by Island of Vis.

Srebrna tours
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Komiža, Ribarska 4 
Tel: 021 713 668
Fax: 021 717 840
Mob: 098 948 7332

Srebrna tours

Srebrna Tours is a travel agency that is engaged in providing services in tourism for many years. We are organizing numerous services, from accommodation, excursions and visits to other locations in the Vis archipelago to provide information based on your questions. We have a boat capacity of up to 35 people and we offer three types of excursions departing from Komiza harbor. Excursions are based on a visit to Blue Cave, shorter or longer depending on whether you want to spend the rest of the day on Biševo island, in the beautiful, sandy Porat bay. In the longer form of excursion, a visit to Monk Seal Cave is also included. The third form of excursion allows visitors to visit the entire Island of Vis and to visit the coast from the seafront. The tour of the island includes swimming in Stiniva bay and in Green Cave. After that tour is proceeding to Stonćica cove, where is lunch, after which is visit of military mine in Rogačić and swimming in Oključina, followed by a return to the home port. Komiža is a real oasis, so visit us.

Blue Cave tourist agency
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Komiža, Trg kralje Tomislava 10 
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Tel: 021 713 752
Mob: 091 520 3790

Blue Cave tourist agency

Blue cave is family tourist agency founded in 2012. We offer 5 vessels (2 inflatables for 12 people, 2 inflatables for 10 people and semi SUBMARINE), 4 road vehicles for rent and 5 bicycles. We organize excursions in Blue cave; a short visit to the cave and a day trip to the Island of Biševo, a trip around the Island of Vis, all day long private excursions to guests' wishes. Our offer with trip semi submarine "Luka", which is ideal vessel for researching mysterious depths of the sea. This excursion is a fun for the whole family, especially for children who will be able to learn more about the sea and everything in it in the communal aquatorium known for their purity and biodiversity.


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